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Make a real change in your life! You can get started with any of the options below ranging from assessments, personal strategy sessions, mindset work or an online course.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change.

The questionnaire will give you the courage to look into the mirror and see what is truly there. What should you leverage and how to get started today.


Are you making
any of these?

An honest and insightful article on the most common mistakes made, why they matter and how to avoid them.
Read up and don't make the same ones!


Join the
resilience challenge!

A 6-day email challenge that will push you out of your comfort zone in an unexpected and fun way. Who said building up resilience was difficult? Join in & start!

I'm in!

Job searching?
You need this!

In this E-book you will find all the articles and worksheets you need to position yourself strongly during your job search:

Networking cheat sheet

Interview preparation matrix

Salary setting checklist

CHF 17 - Buy now

What strengths
can you leverage?

What is your unique combination of your strengths, your dreams and your reality? How do you leverage it and where do you start?

This short and sweet online course gives you clarity on where you stand, and what you are going to leverage!

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Behaviour and Motivation

Green, Red, Blue or Yellow?

Together, we build a career roadmap in 3 sessions, based on your unique scores on the dimensions of behaviour and motivation. Stimulate new insights on your communication style and underlying passions.

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1:1 Professional strategy support

This package is quick, personalised and highly effective.
Once you have defined your objective for the session, we hold a 60min coaching session, you receive your personal strategy plan and a follow up session is held to evaluate and adapt your strategy.
Unstick yourself, it's liberating!

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The signature online course

In this 12 week online course you are guided through a shif in mindset, identifying what you want and setting your goals and actions accordingly. 
Become part of the Bootcamp community and aside from the course, participate in monthly masterminds to enhance accountability and support.

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