Career roadmap

A personalised roadmap created with 3x 1:1 sessions based on your Discover assessment. We take a step back tosee your big picture and how to get there.


DISCOVER Assessments

Based on your unique scores on the dimensions of behaviour and motivation, stimulate new insights on your communication style and underlying passions.

Behaviour Assessment

Boost confidence in yourself and improve your communication. Be sure your message come across clearly. The results of your behaviour assessment show you how you can do it.


Motivators Assessment

Thrive on the energy you get from your work and your life. Live life to the fullest and stay motivated in the long run. The motivators results hold the clues.

Career Roadmap

CHF 997.-

  • Discover behaviour assessment
  • Discover motivator assessment
  • Personalised feedback document
  • 3 x 1:1 career planning sessions (60min)
  • Action plan
  • Defined milestones
  • Discover Behaviour and Motivators e-books
  • 20% discount online course
Let's do it!

All the insights you need to take control of your career. 

Stimulate a new eye-opening thought process and point of view!

The roadmap is based on your personal discover assessment results that you complete before starting the career strategy roadmap. Together, we interpret what they mean in your specific context and create a clear vision and path to follow. 

This is what people are saying:

“I often refer back to the career roadmap we made together. It has shed a lot of light and clarity on what I want to achieve and how to go about it.”

Luka – Events Manager


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