Who am I?

Learn some more about me and my story.

My purpose.

I help you take control of your career and enable you to take targeted action. This allows for a more successful and happier professional life. Developing the "Unlock your potential roadmap" is key because it simplifies the process and makes it fun.

"I feel unfulfilled, but what to do instead?"

Very few people know EXACTLY what they want. For most it's a lifelong learning process. Build your courage and allow yourself to find your answer.

"How can I leverage my strengths?"

Identifying exactly what strengths to leverage is difficult. Throw your modesty out the window get serious about seeing all you are really capable of.

"Where and how should I get started?"

The difference between a goal and a dream is an action plan. Get rid of excuses and go from the vague to the tangible. Live the life you want to live.

My career.

I graduated from the hotel school in Lausanne in 2006 and transitioned into recruitment and executive search in 2009, discovering my passion for people and specifically for identifying the best match between a person and a career path. I certified in the Discover assessments to consolidate my passion and in 2019 I launched my own company - B-inspired Partners - to focus on talent management and career development.

My story.

I am Dutch originally but grew up in the south of Spain mixing the Dutch practical spirit with the Spanish love for life. At home everywhere and nowhere all at once, I always struggled to "fit in" only to uncover after a long time, the best person to be was simply myself and accept all the quirky parts of me that are actually my biggest strengths rather than the weaknesses I was trying to overcome.

Why work with me? 

My areas of expertise.


You are looking for a new challenge actively or passively. I can help you position yourself correctly and focus your search in the right direction. 

Career Development

You want to know where to direct your career in the long run, but are wondering what makes sense and what experience to leverage. Let me help you clarify.

Discover Assessments

Gain insight to yourself from a different and data driven perspective and open up a new world of possibilities for you to explore. Let me help you discover. 

What's your story?

I would love to hear your story too.

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